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Esogetic Colorpuncture

What is colorpuncture?

Esogetic colorpuncture is a complementary healing system that uses different colored lights on acupuncture points and other zones to introduce corrective information for obstructed, reactive or deficient energy. Because light penetrates energetic channels quickly and deeply, light is only applied for a short time. The light tool is incandescent, not laser. There are a variety of colors used:

  • The spectral colors of red, orange, yellow, green, dark turquoise, blue and purple are typically used in more physical treatments.
  • Four colors in lighter hues of rose, green, crimson and turquoise are generally used in more emotional/mental level treatments.
  • Infrared is commonly used in pain treatments, to move lymph and circulation, and to balance.
  • Ultraviolet light is used to open channels and points and to balance energy.
  • Three gray lights are used to establish connections with regulating information fields.

While colored light is the primary medium used in a colorpuncture session, the following esogetic tools can be added.


Peter Mandel sees crystals as steady transmitters of information and has developed a range of manmade crystals with Swarovski that are either cut or imprinted holographically with “original patterns of healing information.” There are several types: an activator crystal, gold and silver crystals for polarity, gray crystals, the four lighter hue crystals, and acupoint crystals. Use of crystals are a gentle means of introducing information.

Biofeedback and Point Induction

Brainwaves reflect both the rhythms of cycles and consciousness. In health, brainwaves follow certain natural rhythms such as day/night, seasons, tension/relaxation. In illness, the rhythms of our lives are often disrupted. Peter Mandel developed two ways to correct rhythmic disruption. The first method is by inducing brainwave rhythms into specific points; the other introduces healthy brainwave patterns through zones on the body for such purposes as rest, sleep, memory, learning, stress, supporting the lymph system, and conflict resolution. In both cases, the treatments talk to the body like a healthy brain would and guide the body towards health.

Sound Therapies

With two music therapists, Mandel precisely transcribed some of his colorpuncture treatments into sound therapies that are first transmitted through the ears to the brain and systems of the body. These sound therapies are supportive of body and brain functions and include psychosomatic balancing, immune activity, sleep disorders, migraines and headaches, motivation, and concentration. There are two other sets, one applied with dream zones before sleep and the other for conflict resolution. While these work at a deeper level of the subconscious and can bring up emotions, they also assist in giving information and energy to support the process of healing.

Esogetic Oil

The esogetic oil developed by Peter Mandel is a combination of 22 herbal essential oils that can be used to ease stiff muscles and joints. A primary use is the application on specific zones to aid the dreaming process. It is also used in some detoxification treatments and to open points.

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