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Esogetic Colorpuncture

General Categories of Treatments

Endocrine Balancing Hormonal imbalances/transitions, fear, anxiety, scattered thoughts

Lymph/Detoxification Inflammations, pain, reactive emotions, excessive dreaming

Energy Restoration Burnout, feeling stuck, circling thoughts, inability to respond

Conflict Resolution Helps surface and resolve internal patterns of conflict

Centering Assists us in feeling and coming back to our center

Laterality Balancing Helps balance right/left side of body and brain for orientation, understanding

Polarity Balancing Assists in balancing upper/lower parts of the body for gut and sleep issues

Prenatal Unwinds trauma at this stage of life that can mask a person’s potential

Acupuncture Channels Supports and balances major organ systems and related illnesses

Energy Emission Analysis

Peter Mandel developed a Kirlian camera to take a picture of the energetic fields surrounding the finger and toe pads to assess energetic and information flow. The pads are where major acupuncture channels begin or end. He has developed a detailed analysis to select appropriate treatments. A picture is taken after treatment to determine the immediate response of the client. The next session’s picture will show how a person received and processed the light treatment.

While the assessment gives the colorpuncture practitioner needed information, it is not a medical diagnosis nor does it replace that. I also do not take Kirlian photos as a separate service. This is an assessment tool I use in my work with clients.

What to Expect in a Treatment

Each treatment has a specific purpose and your responses will be unique. A general response to the light is relaxation. Clients have reported a sense of ease and calm, a clarification of their energy and situation, insights into others’ behavior, shifts in perception, and a deeper connection with themselves.

There may be some short-term reactions that dissipate such as the surfacing of memories and emotions, increased dreaming, and with detoxification treatments, flu-like symptoms as the body moves out unwanted material. These effects are considered an information/energetic release and often an indicator of what is behind an imbalance or blockage. While these reactions may be balanced in a session and are often helped by life style changes, with deep and longstanding trauma, additional professional support is recommended.

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